Discover War Titans Background!

War Titans: Invaders Must Die, actually tells
us a story deeply rooted in a distant period
preceding the birth of our Sun...

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    Face Lord Dargan!

    30 July 2017 , by CCG Admin

    The Tyrants are the commanders of an ongoing Invasion. Their will is completely devoted to the destruction of humankind. To achieve their goal they are willing to do anything: they know that as long as one single Rift stands active, the destruction of Earth remains a concrete possibility. Do not mess with the Tyrants. The trials they force on the.....

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    Learn more about Tech and Arti...

    30 July 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “The ability to adapt of the Invaders is impressive and despite any efforts by the Earth Federation, today’s best weapon becomes tomorrow’s useless scrap metal; the war imposes back-breaking work shifts in order to produce new weapons. The gear we provide to the Titans are little more than prototypes, but damn it, it’s important that they wor...

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    Discover War Titans’ Bac...

    25 July 2017 , by CCG Admin

    Swarming out from several enormous dimensional Rifts, a horde of giant invaders, so different in shapes and sizes that they couldn’t belong to the same species, had apparently decided the time had come to bring Humankind to extinction. They got damn close to it too! Two years went by after the first invasion, years in which two thirds of the...

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