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  • Learn more about Final Episode...

    27 August 2017, by CCG Admin

    “We prayed, we fought, we shed our blood. We saw friends die, and we wept for them. Memories of the smoke arising from the ruins of the destroyed cities made their way into our nightmares every night, disturbing our sleep, violating our minds. We fought and, from all that we could see, we won. When the last Rift was closed,... Read more

  • Learn more about DEFCON Level ...

    27 August 2017, by CCG Admin

    “It is now established that, once destroyed, the Invaders do not really die. Their bodies are regenerated in the Rifts and come back stronger than before. The weapons that yesterday were effective, today may not be anymore. The combat tactics that we used to defeat our opponents now may be unnecessary, useless or even counterproductive. I do ... Read more

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