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Certain things are never easy to say, and it is with sadness that we are announcing the cancellation of the Kickstarter campaign War Titans: Invaders Must Die, although there has been an excellent beginning of which you were all main characters. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be an end, quite on the contrary it’s the prelude of a brilliant new beginning!

But why this choice? In designing our campaign we have no doubt made mistakes: the vision driving us forwards means listening to others and using your precious feedback to give the game a better graphical presentation, artistic level and game play and thus address your concerns.

Achieving all of these will be impossible without extra time and work and a better set up of the Kickstarter campaign than the present one. But in what way do we want to improve our project?

  • Having a game play clip and video reviews ready at the launch of the campaign
  • Increasing the number of miniatures offered
  • Improving the graphics and the design of the game elements
  • Refining the characters design, thus making it more original and unique
  • Increasing the size of the miniatures
  • Exploring, upgrading and implementing new game mechanics

We don’t exactly know the time schedule for the re-launch yet, or what we will be able to achieve, but this is what we wish and intend to share with you. We will keep you constantly updated on the future developments of War Titans: Invaders must die through Kickstarter (link ), our Website and its Forum (link ) and the Facebook Page (link ).

In thanking you for your support, numerous feedback and the frankness of your messages, we hope we have treated you in the same way.

Thank you, and see you soon!

Crawling Chaos Games

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