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    Kickstarter Campaign Reload

    5 January 2017 , by CCG Admin

    Certain things are never easy to say, and it is with sadness that we are announcing the cancellation of the Kickstarter campaign War Titans: Invaders Must Die, although there has been an excellent beginning of which you were all main characters. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be an end, quite on the contrary it’s the prelude of a... Read more

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    Discover Crawling Chaos Games

    1 January 2017 , by CCG Admin

    Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal; that all things appear as they do only by virtue of the delicate individual physical and mental media through which we are made conscious of them. (H.P. Lovecraft, The Tomb, 1917-1922) Crawling Chaos Games is an Italian group created at the start of... Read more

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