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    Meet Black Knight!

    22 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “All seemed lost. Mecha-Lizard had annihilated the defense forces of the Federation, marching unopposed towards London. Attempting an evacuation of the city was now impossible: too many people, too little time. The Invader began to accumulate energy, channeling it through its jaws, to fire on the city a destroyer beam that would have it razed to th... Read more

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    Meet The Heaven Breaker!

    15 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “Good morning citizens!  A new dawn rises on Earth thanks to the fullmetal saviors, the  champions of humanity: The mighty Titans! Only yesterday, a tremendous assault by the Invaders has been repelled by the intervention of the powerful Heaven Breaker. By kind permission of the Earth Federation, today’s service allows us to examine this beautiful ... Read more

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    Meet Daeva, the Destroyer!

    12 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “– Oh yes! This is a Titan! This is the unbridled force I was looking for! Come to me, monsters! Come to me! Let me tear you apart! The sound of the sadistic laughter of Ram Jaa boomed in the Control Room. The General and the reserve pilots stood horrified by the ferocity of the Daeva fighting without restrain. A powerful... Read more

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