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    Meet Katie Zhou!

    24 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    – Target missed , Major Zhou! – No fucking way! If we do not kill this monster, the city is lost! Activate auxiliary reactors, throw it all the remaining missiles, concentrate all available fire on the target! – What?! But … Major … the Titan will not withstand further stress, we risk damage to the reactor, the armor, ... Read more

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    Meet Black Knight!

    22 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “All seemed lost. Mecha-Lizard had annihilated the defense forces of the Federation, marching unopposed towards London. Attempting an evacuation of the city was now impossible: too many people, too little time. The Invader began to accumulate energy, channeling it through its jaws, to fire on the city a destroyer beam that would have it razed to th... Read more

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    Face Emperor Goliath!

    19 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    After discovering the four Invader leaders, it’s time to explore their ranks! Taste the terror that incites EMPEROR GOLIATH, Terrestrial Invader! “Together with the Titan project, the scientists of the Earth Federation pursued a parallel research program, called GENO-X, whose aim was to create gigantic bio-based warriors eventually capa... Read more

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