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    Face Doom Hydra and learn abou...

    1 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “Report!” – “Enemy activity spotted in Los Angeles, Sir! Similar assaults spotted in Toronto, New York and Mexico City, Sir!” – ” The Invaders, Sir! Confirmed!” – “Four cities… Four cities at the same time… Oh God… Is this the Apocalypse?” Invaders of the Flying Typ... Read more

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    Face Abyssal Deity and learn a...

    24 April 2017 , by CCG Admin

    When the second Rift opened up in the middle of the ocean a sinister, spectral chant spread out into the atmosphere. Many people heard it, and were driven insane. When we sent the recon teams to investigate the cause of the problem, they only reported this last message before ending their communication with us. “General… General… This w... Read more

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