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    Face General Nero!

    3 July 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “Fates worse than death do exist. Shik’Har … you have left me and my people to rot in these eternal cages. Over the past ages I only  fed on hate. Now I’m finally free, and with my cyborg brothers I will destroy the cursed Seal and your beloved humankind. Send me your Champions now. Yes… Send me your Titans! Nothing...... Read more

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    Discover War Titans’ Rifts and...

    5 June 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “This planet is called Earth. The Earth is the Seal. The Seal is ours. Bow your heads, fall in prostration, and you will be rewarded with an almost painless death. Resist us, and your torments will never end.” – Uriel, The Flame of God Uriel, the Flame of God “Angels, that’s the name given to such creatures by the inhabitants... Read more

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    Face Doom Hydra and learn abou...

    1 May 2017 , by CCG Admin

    “Report!” – “Enemy activity spotted in Los Angeles, Sir! Similar assaults spotted in Toronto, New York and Mexico City, Sir!” – ” The Invaders, Sir! Confirmed!” – “Four cities… Four cities at the same time… Oh God… Is this the Apocalypse?” Invaders of the Flying Typ... Read more

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