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Greebo Games is a well known Italian miniatures manufacturer originally born for Fantasy Football. Recently we started producing tabletop games and different fantasy sports boardgames; in addition, we are collaborating with different Italian and International realities like Crawling Chaos Games.

During our years of activity, sculptors and manufacturers developed the company with love and devotion. Even though the new technological era provides significant improvements in quality, at Greebo we intend to preserve for our products the artistic handicraft, creativeness and attention to details by respecting the history and traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

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Nowadays, at Greebo Games we work to create components for tabletop games and collectors’ items, putting at your service our knowledge and artistic skill. Sculpting, prototyping, 3D printing, metal or resin-cast production, illustrations and character design: there’s all you need to make your product from A to Z. All items for sale in the collection are exclusively approved inside the Greebo laboratories. Greebo Games is one of the GCC partners in the production of War Titans for which we have been assigned to the boardgame miniatures production. Check  out the fantastic Greebo work on our website and our successful Kickstarters Un-Renaissance and Florence Knights!

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