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He was born a few days before the cold Christmas of 1983 and faces the games world in 1996, with a passion that has never stopped burning since then. Consultant and co-author of independent Italian productions and a keen player for several years (more than he would ever admit), he alternates his love for boardgames and role playing games with LARP experiences, a hobby which, his wife says, take up far too much of his time.

Born in a family of inventors in 1986, he begins his adventure in the boardgame world by spending his time in game rooms and tournaments. As soon as he became an adult, he took over the store where he grew up as a gamer; nowadays he carries on his passion for strategy, cards and dice.  He is a professional translator and gamer; in fact, he is the right person to ask for advice when you need to trash your friends in games.

He was born during one of the most violent italian summer storms ever recorded. He devoted himself to roleplaying since youth, and after experiencing it as a player for decades he became author and publisher of his own roleplaying games. Also keen on Boardgames, CCG and Larp, he unsuccessfully tries not to blow up all of his money on such hobbies!

During his childhood, he got bitten by a radioactive tentacle, since then, he couldn’t help but show his geek side in every form. Since he was a child, he’s been a passionate devourer of every type of game and narrative product and has always combined his cultural addiction to every working environment. He has contributed to the production of several Tabletop RPGs, written  and supervised tens of LARP events and has been game designer and videogames writer. In addition to this, he has been the screenwriter for some tv series… and now it’s the time for him to start on boardgames.

The star-spawn known as Riccardo Lucidi was summoned to Earth in 1985. During his childhood, he inevitably approached the Games world: since then his gaming life has been absorbed by Trading Card Games and Table RPGs, constantly devoured by him to satisfy his ancestral hunger. He loves to write stories and create new worlds and the settings and mechanics which characterize them. Now he is involved in summoning Azathoth.

He is passionately involved in boardgames, roleplaying games and fantasy fiction and began to test new game play systems to implement his game projects. He is a screenwriter, director and painter, and has made creativity his lifestyle. He faces every challenge with pride and determination, so as to carry it out in every challenge. Unfortunately just now he has vanished from sight, and we have no clue about his position. It is said that he has been spotted in a dream, somewhere in the Lost Kadath.

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