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Swarming out from several enormous dimensional Rifts, a horde of giant invaders, so different in shapes and sizes that they couldn’t belong to the same species, had apparently decided the time had come to bring Humankind to extinction. They got damn close to it too! Two years went by after the first invasion, years in which two thirds of the Earth’s population was wiped out. In order to survive, every single nation left aside any ideal of independence and united under the flag of the Earth Federation, dividing cities into Metropoleis and Refuges and attempting any possible strategy to stay alive…

War Titans: Invaders Must Die, actually tells us a story deeply rooted in a distant period preceding the birth of our Sun, thus revolutionizing the Darwinian concept of human evolution. Our tale makes us discover the Shik’har, a magnificent race of space warriors. For an incredibly long time, the Shik’hars have fought triumphantly against any single species, creature concealing the seeds of evil, and has banished them one by one inside inaccessible dimensional prisons.

The Shik’har’s, satisfied with the result of their holy crusade, locked the access key to the dimensional jails inside the core of a small planet called the Seal where they established their home. After living in peace as never before, they lowered their guards, thus making their biggest mistake. Even though they were imprisoned, the hatred of the defeated was strong enough to corrupt the Shik’har’s descendants: so that Humankind successively took their place in the tainted cycle of evolution. It was at this point that the prisoners, being aware they could regain their freedom, opened the Rifts: their ranks, so different one from the other, would swarm the Earth, which was how men called the Seal, in order to end the reign of the descendants of Shik’har and obtain their independence.

It’s against these tremendous, corrupt powers that Humankind is now fighting for its survival, though they are not aware it is also the survival of the whole universe!

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