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“This planet is called Earth. The Earth is the Seal. The Seal is ours.
Bow your heads, fall in prostration, and you will be rewarded with an almost painless death.
Resist us, and your torments will never end.” – Uriel, The Flame of God

Uriel, the Flame of God

“Angels, that’s the name given to such creatures by the inhabitants of the Earth, are made of biomorphic substance very similar to human DNA. They are the most enigmatic creatures among all the enemies of mankind. Apparently incapable of communicating, the Angelic hosts are led by the one we named Uriel, The Flame of God, the first we ever encountered. This gigantic humanoid has a strange shape and a face like a bird’s skull with empty eye sockets. His reason for making war on us is still unknown.”

If the Invaders are the armed force of the Apocalypse, the Tyrants represent its strategic masterminds. Hidden inside the Rifts they control,  they are protected by hordes of monsters. The Tyrants are the most powerful and cruel enemies that the Titans will ever have to face.

Whenever a Titan takes its first step into a Rift, it has to pass a hard and dangerous trial. Until the moment when the contents of a Rift are revealed, nobody knows which Tyrant is hidden inside and which trial must be completed. So be careful about which Titan will be sent inside the Rift by the Earth Federation! If the trial is completed, during the turn after you’ve entered the rift it will finally be possible to fight the Tyrant. Beware: if the trial has been failed or if the Titan is overpowered during the fight, the Tyrant can easily kick the Titan out of the Rift… or can even destroy it completely.

If that’s not enough, even entering a Rift is a huge problem. At the beginning of each game, the Rifts located at the four corners of the globe are guarded by the Invaders, and that’s from where their offensive begins. In order to enter the Tyrants’ dens, the players have two options: they can wait until all monsters have invaded the human cities at least once, or they can attack the rift head on and slaughter them all.

The hard choice is up to the Pilots, the saviors of mankind!

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