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When the second Rift opened up in the middle of the ocean a sinister, spectral chant spread out into the atmosphere. Many people heard it, and were driven insane. When we sent the recon teams to investigate the cause of the problem, they only reported this last message before ending their communication with us. “General… General… This war is lost. We can fight these monsters, we may also kill them… but tell us, how can you kill a God?”

Abyssal Deity

Some Invaders are of unknown origins. For all we know, Abyssal Deity comes from the depths of space. He is a sworn enemy to the Shik’hars, who had imprisoned him in a slumber lasting thousands of years. Now he is ready to throw his amphibious servants against mankind in order to claim his rightful revenge. By his side, any Invader becomes as tough as a mountain. That’s the reason why all other monsters consider him as a Divinity.

“Probably this monster is the eldest Invader who ever reached the Seal. Being a great enemy of the Shik’hars, he was imprisoned on Earth in a far Pacific area and bound in age-long slumber together with his servants. On his awakening, he was attracted by the power of the Rifts and started protecting the portals. Meanwhile, he summoned a group of powerful monsters to begin the invasion of the Earth. His objective is to submit the Human Race. It is said that the very sight of Abyssal Deity can drive people insane and that his supernatural resistance is extended to all the creatures fighting by his side.”

Facing Abyssal Deity is always a gamble. His divine aura makes him immune to most attacks: his powers are also extended to all Invaders following him down his path of destruction of the planet. Being too stubborn and trying to fight him without the right equipment is pure madness.

Invaders Mechanics


Since the beginning of the war, the Earth Federation attempted to catalog the Invaders and discover their abilities: after all, how can you fight an enemy that you don’t know? Humankind noticed that the Invaders were placed in specific ranks – sometimes they were classed by their respective ecosystem, other times by their physiological characteristics and features – and these ranks, called Types, are tied to a specific Rift from which they rush out to attack the Earth.

Abyssal Deity, for example, is an Amphibious Invader and there are four more monsters of the same type under its command. Besides the Amphibious Type there are the Terrestrial, Flying and Mechanical Invaders – in the starter box of War Titans, Invaders Must Die! you will find 5 Invaders for each of the Types mentioned previously.

Each Invader has a unique ability, which is activated according to the Invader’s specific Type. For example, as you can see from Abyssal Deity’s picture, Amphibious Invaders activate them when they are attacked, Terrestrial Invaders activate their own ability when they are defeated, Flying Invaders when they invade a city and Mechanical Invaders activate their ability when a Titan moves on a city under their control.

This means that in every game of War Titans, players will face monsters provided with different abilities which get activated in extremely different ways. In this manner, each game of War Titans is totally unique. The defenders of Earth have to adopt, game after game, the best strategy for fighting the swarm of different enemies aiming to conquer the planet.

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