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The Tyrants are the commanders of an ongoing Invasion. Their will is completely devoted to the destruction of humankind. To achieve their goal they are willing to do anything: they know that as long as one single Rift stands active, the destruction of Earth remains a concrete possibility.

Do not mess with the Tyrants. The trials they force on the Titans can be lethal, if dealt without the proper preparation.

Charles Lazar

During one of the first missions of the Project Charles, an exceptional Titan’s Pilot, is replaced by Rupert Raymond, his Academy classmate, considered more emotionally stable. In the furious battle that follows, Rupert manages to defeat the Invader, but the civilian losses are enormous: Charles’s own family perishes during the attack. Lazar who is furious and choked with vengeance, becomes an easy prey tempted by ancient forces in search of a corrupted champion amongst humankind. Charles leads the Zairi invasion forces by piloting his Titan “Blazing Star”; they say no one is as fast as he is. No one.

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