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The terror of the battlefields: DEEP SPAWN, Amphibious Invader! The Earth Federation has investigated to find its origins: know the enemy is the first step to defeat it.

“The Shik’har named ‘Deep Spawn’ a race of cruel men-fish that had been inhabiting the sea depths for tens of millennia, in perpetual worship of a strange god from outer space. When the Deep Spawn were awakened from the slumber imposed on them by the Guardians of the Seal, they first thing decided to mass sacrifice themselves, an act necessary for the evocation of the Abyssal Deity. When it appeared, as a reward for them, it joined the carcasses of its faithful servants to create one gigantic amphibious monster that now roams Earth destroying human cities. It is agile and elusive: only Pilots gifted with the best reflexes manage to hit it.”

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