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“Report!” – “Enemy activity spotted in Los Angeles, Sir! Similar assaults spotted in Toronto, New York and Mexico City, Sir!” – ” The Invaders, Sir! Confirmed!” – “Four cities… Four cities at the same time… Oh God… Is this the Apocalypse?”

Invaders of the Flying Type all share a dangerous characteristic: their impact on the ongoing war is immediate. DOOM HYDRA, the eldest and most powerful among them, is able to ravage whole continents at a time. It’s wise to watch out for her arrival in order to prevent damage and when necessary to shield the inhabited areas with one’s own body. Doom Hydra, who comes from outer space, fully deserves to be one of the Invader Kings.

Doom Hydra

“There’s no Invader more destructive than Doom Hydra. Having arrived on earth after destroying several other planets, this huge monster is 140 meters tall and looks like a well-known mythological creature. She can destroy entire continents with a single invasion. Each of her four heads can unleash storms of energy-explosions over a large area. She is covered with thick, heavy scales: in addition she is a vicious and dangerous enemy in close quarter combat. This brutal creature is a violent and unpredictable monster who has entered human stories and legends. The moment she decides to fly back on Earth, terror will strike mankind.

It’s fundamental for the players to watch over the integrity of the Earth’s cities. Leaving undefended a city which has received heavy damage can cause its loss. The Earth’s Federation Defence Forces have a limited quantity of autonomous mecha modules that have been assigned to the command of the Pilots and their Titans. These units have been specially designed to withstand and control the damage caused by Invaders on civilian targets: these robots, which are used only defensively, are called SUPPORTS.

Support Unit

The human reaction to the incoming menace was decisive and aggressive. the whole of the world’s resources were taken away from scientific research and given to the army. Before falling, Mankind had to fight to the last man.”

Each player can control a limited number of Supports at a time, therefore he must use his resources to his best advantage. At the same time, it is important to tactically predict where to place the Supports to get the best results. Unfortunately their armors are weak when compared to those of the more powerful Titans, and the Invaders can easily destroy them even in one blow. But the greater good always comes first, and sometimes it is necessary for some Supports to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Humankind.

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