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After discovering the four Invader leaders, it’s time to explore their ranks! Taste the terror that incites EMPEROR GOLIATH, Terrestrial Invader!


“Together with the Titan project, the scientists of the Earth Federation pursued a parallel research program, called GENO-X, whose aim was to create gigantic bio-based warriors eventually capable to deal with Titans for training or simulation purposes. The reports on genome modifications on specimens of Gorilla beringei looked promising, until all contact with the project laboratories was lost. Only when the site was reached by rescue units, and found totally devastated by an uncontrollable fury, the truth was clear: Goliath, the giant primate, had rebelled against its creators, slaughtering them and devouring their bodies, and fled into the depths of the jungle. Not only humanity had not found her savior, but created even a new tremendously strong enemy, Emperor Goliath, capable to throw a Titan miles away with a single, monstrous punch.”

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