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The Tyrants are the commanders of an ongoing Invasion. Their will is completely devoted to the destruction of humankind. To achieve their goal they are willing to do anything: they know that as long as one single Rift stands active, the destruction of Earth remains a concrete possibility.

Do not mess with the Tyrants. The trials they force on the Titans can be lethal, if dealt without the proper preparation.

Father Zauvar

Father Zauvar is the patriarch of the Megas, an ancient and malevolent population from planet Mars, and a grotesque giant creature, as well: his abnormal skull, shattered eons ago during the last battle fought with the Shik’har, has been replaced by a transparent enclosure that exposes his horrendous pulsating brain. Being unable to speak due to the endured injuries, he uses Sorak, one of his most trusted followers, to interact with the Megas troops. His incredible mental attacks are a deadly weapon, that can reduce to impotence even the most tenacious of Pilots.

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