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“Fates worse than death do exist. Shik’Har … you have left me and my people to rot in these eternal cages. Over the past ages I only  fed on hate. Now I’m finally free, and with my cyborg brothers I will destroy the cursed Seal and your beloved humankind. Send me your Champions now. Yes… Send me your Titans! Nothing will remain of them but chunks of amorphous metal, not enough even for getting spare parts from. Nothing else will be heard in heaven but a hymn to the glory of Nero, the bravest Mhik’Har that won its freedom by charging the price of blood to its enemies.”

The Tyrants are the commanders of an ongoing Invasion. Their will is completely devoted to the destruction of humankind. To achieve their goal they are willing to do anything: they know that as long as one single Rift stands active, the destruction of Earth remains a concrete possibility.

Do not mess with the Tyrants. The trials they force on the Titans can be lethal, if dealt without the proper preparation.

General Nero

Member of a corrupted branch of the Shik’har known as the Mhik’har forced to hide in the depths of the Sigil to escape from the anger of their brothers, General Nero prepared his people for vengeance, transforming them into an army of cyborgs and warrior monsters. His mechanical body, like the most of the Mhik’har, communicates trough a second head embedded in the chest which is the only intact part of the original body. General Nero is 35 meters tall and his determination is unmatched, he is one of the most terrible enemies of all mankind.

Facing General Nero with or without expendable Supports can be decisive for the success of a Trial. Since the identity of the Tyrant that defends a Rift is initially unknown, the first approach is always a risk. However, this is necessary, being the primary goal of the game. In order to access the Final Episode, all Rifts must be closed. The right time to reveal a Rift is decided by the team: weight your strategy carefully!

First, you will have to decide which Titan you will deprive yourselves of in the Episodes that will immediately follow the assault to the Rift: remember that while this Titan is busy with the trials and the fights against the Tyrant, it will not be available to attack the Invaders arriving on human cities. At the same time, this same Titan will need to be the fittest to succeed in the trial that is about to be forced upon it.

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