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I was in Kyoto when Lizard God attacked the Kansai region. We could hear the buildings shudder, and we thought that what was arriving was just another earthquake. We were watching the horizon when something obscured the sun, and were astonished: we thought that the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been the deepest wound to the history of our great Nation …and were wrong. In only a breath of time, Kansai became an arid desert. And only few of us lived to tell the tale.

Lizard God

The Invaders are not all the same. In fact, hierarchies exist even in their ranks. There are no armies or grades: The law for them is the survival of the strongest… and LIZARD GOD claims to be the strongest of them all.

“Before the Earth Federation was born, humankind was divided by deep racial and nationalistic contrasts which brought it to the brink of atomic extinction. The contaminated ashes from those barbaric experiments remained for decades in the depths of the Earth. Ironically, the corrupt remains of the old war weapons generated a creature able to carry out the purpose for which they had been created: the annhilation of Man! A gargantuan, imposing and invincible being whose name soon plunged the hearts of men in terror: Lizard God, the atomic King of Beasts born from tens of years of insanity. Capable of standing toe to toe with any Titan, his deadly breath has extinguished the life of many Pilots too brave to stay out of his way.”

There will be new surprises incoming for you all, Crawling Chaos Games will be updating  you next week, and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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