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The Tyrants are the commanders of an ongoing Invasion. Their will is completely devoted to the destruction of humankind. To achieve their goal they are willing to do anything: they know that as long as one single Rift stands active, the destruction of Earth remains a concrete possibility.

Do not mess with the Tyrants. The trials they force on the Titans can be lethal, if dealt without the proper preparation.

Lord Dargan

Well before Earth was formed, and thousands of light years away from the Sol system, the twin planets of Arun and Dorun fought their unending war, led respectively by Princess Luras, the Shield of Justice, and Lord Dargan, the Tyrant. It was he who triumphed at last, thanks to the endless armies of robo-beasts that the Dorun civilization, devoted to destruction, developed with increasing skill. Defeated by the Shik’har after the destruction of Arun, and imprisoned in the Seal for millions of years, the Tyrant is now ready to unleash his hordes against a new enemy: the empire of men.

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