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I’m just a plain radar man. I analyze the dots on the screen, estimate their speed, distance and dimension… When I reported the presence of an Invader over the skies of Toronto I did it mechanically, as usual. The Titans were launched out; the battle was going to take place very soon and I would follow it on my green screen as I always do. I did the engagement countdown for the General, but I never got down to zero. About two kilometers before contact, my screen was covered up with small lethal dots. Only later, a long time later, we discovered they were missiles. Hundreds of missiles…

MECHA LIZARD is one of the most dangerous enemies the Pilots can come across on the battlefield. It is an extraordinary hybrid between a huge prehistoric creature and the deadly alien technology of the Romulons. This Invader carries the devastating firepower of thousands of tactical missiles, cutting through the sky in search of targets, making life very tough for even to the most fearless of pilots.

“In the beginning, the Invader known as Mecha Lizard was nothing but one of the many Adaptive Machines the Romulons had created to fight the Shik’hars, machines able to accurately copy the characteristics of any lethal biological predator. For a long time it remained inactive under the surface of the Seal, where it came in contact with some species of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period and transformed itself into Mecha Lizard. Having awoken once the Rifts opened up, this mechanical beast successfully combined the best qualities of its biological ancestors and the destructive weapons of the Romulons. Its swarm of tactical missiles, added to the strength to prevail in brutal hand to hand combat can cause problems to even the most powerful Titans.”

Confront Mecha Lizard only when your combat level is strong enough to resist its barrage of tactical missiles and when you are in a position to strike him successfully: a long drawn out combat with this violent Invader will inevitably mean defeat!

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