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The Titan was ready to fight; it drew out its weapons and jumped towards the mechanical monster Ultor Q-7, which, on its side stood firm watching the robot with a sarcastic sneer on its metal face. It seemed happy about the incoming attack. Once the halberd turned off together with most of the Titan’s structural components, the Pilot screamed with despair. In a few minutes the robot was reduced to shreds and scattered over miles. The dead body of the Pilot was found only a few days after with his face turned into a mask of terror, bearing an expression the witnesses were never able to forget.

Ultor Q-7

There’s no Good without Evil, there can’t be an epic battle without proper enemies! Crawling Chaos Games introduces you to the Invaders, the plague of humankind! Here we are for the third weekly in-depth analysis on War Titans: Invaders Must Die! Starting today, every Week we are discovering the Horrors hiding in the depths of the Rifts: the Invaders! Today we are showing you ULTOR Q-7: are you brave enough to face it?

Forged by the Romulon, one of the lost races of the enemies of the Shik’har’s, Ultor Q-7 is the spearhead of military engineering possessed by the foes of humankind. Its program protocol has been waiting for eons under the Earth’s surface and hasn’t changed in all this time: it is designed to cause the total, definite annihilation of the Shik’hars and thus any of its human descendants. The swift, precise, lethal and mighty Q batteries powering it allow the release of a powerful electromagnetic beam able to shut down even the most armored components and bring even the best equipped Titan to its knees. Even the bravest pilots fear its powerful might: underestimating Ultor Q-7 means death!”

There will be new surprises incoming for you all, Crawling Chaos Games will be updating  you next week, and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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