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During the Great Battle of Seoul I saw Jin-Kyong on board her Titan jumping into a swarm of Invaders. I couldn’t hear a sound from her radio, not a single word of fear, rage or regret. That girl is a real killer. She eliminated them all, from the first to the last, but her Titan got shredded into pieces after the fight. When the rescue team arrived ready to retrieve her corpse, they found her instead unharmed, staring at the bodies of the fallen enemies. When she returned to the Command Center her first words were: “General, who I must kill now?”

War transforms people. An apparently harmless girl who is deprived of any bonds, and conditioned to the point to seeing any mission as her life’s purpose, can become the most ruthless assassin. An immortal assassin…


Jin-Kyong is the perfect pilot: fearless, technically flawless, mentally attuned to every type of Titan. She rushes into the fray also and above all when the number of enemies seems overwhelming. Mankind looks at her as a miracle; even when her Titan is destroyed she ends up alive and kicking, ready for the next battle. Some unclear theories state that Jin-Kyong is the result of a genetic engineering experiment, while the most imaginative people believe that she has been cloned.

Whenever Jin defeats an Invader she can immediately attack a second time. She kills Invaders because that’s her sole purpose. To her it makes no difference whether the enemy is one or an entire battalion; she throws herself into the fray without hesitation or second thoughts. She’s not concerned about her own safety:  if her Titan were destroyed she can  come back and fight again. Jyn can fit into any Titan, but obviously she is best suited to pilot highly offensive ones.

Did you enjoy this preview? This is only one of a long series of news that is awaiting us before the Kickstarter! Crawling Chaos Games will meet you next week and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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