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“It is now established that, once destroyed, the Invaders do not really die. Their bodies are regenerated in the Rifts and come back stronger than before. The weapons that yesterday were effective, today may not be anymore. The combat tactics that we used to defeat our opponents now may be unnecessary, useless or even counterproductive. I do not know if we can save this world. The population, decimated, is slowly slipping into an abyss of terror from which I am not sure it will ever get out. Panic is like a thief that comes into your house at night: you can throw him away, but the memory of those terrible and uncertain moments will be engraved into you, leaving a trail of cold unease that will follow you forever. “

The Invasion will not last forever. Sooner or later, if not defeated, evil will triumph. The numbered track indicating DEFCON Level resumes the degree of advance of the enemy forces. At the beginning of each Episode, the token on the track moves by 1 step. Upon reaching the last slot, the Invasion ends, and evil wins.

The DEFCON Level also shows the degree of panic and despair of humankind, referred to the Invasion in progress. Whenever a Titan is destroyed, the DEFCON Level is advanced by 1 step; whenever a Metropolis is destroyed, the DEFCON Level increases; whenever a Refuge is destroyed, the DEFCON Level is advanced by 2 steps. So you now understand how many elements you need to control during a War of Titans: Invaders Must Die game. Letting the enemy destroy too many human cites means losing the war. The advance of the Invaders is relentless, and it is up to the players to choose what it can be sacrificed and what to preserve to achieve the final victory!

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