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“We prayed, we fought, we shed our blood. We saw friends die, and we wept for them. Memories of the smoke arising from the ruins of the destroyed cities made their way into our nightmares every night, disturbing our sleep, violating our minds. We fought and, from all that we could see, we won. When the last Rift was closed, we believed we were safe, at last. We were wrong.”

The Rifts are conduits which the Invaders gather within, and then use to launch their lethal attacks on Earth’s cities. However, their closure does not automatically imply the end of the war. Just when everything seems to be right, the enemies of humankind will launch one last, deadly, attack: this is described in the Final Episode of the game, together with the means necessary for the Titan’s team to fight it. After all, what would it be of an Anime series if devoid of the last confrontation with the arch-enemy, or the last act of courage and sacrifice of the heroes?

If the players succeed in the feat of closing the Rifts, the threat looming on Earth’s cities will quickly fall, so the DEFCON Level advance will stop. At that point, a random Final Episode token will be drawn, and the Lead Character will read it to all players. It describes a test (or a series of tests) to be performed, one last mission before “hanging up the Titan”. The variety of possible missions makes it very complex to prepare for them during the game: often the Titans will face totally unexpected problems. How the players will deal with this last challenge, is a strategic decision of theirs as a team: will they consume all the resources to stop the Invasion, or sacrifice cities and Supports in order to keep intact their equipment, ahead of the final showdown?

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