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“The ability to adapt of the Invaders is impressive and despite any efforts by the Earth Federation, today’s best weapon becomes tomorrow’s useless scrap metal; the war imposes back-breaking work shifts in order to produce new weapons. The gear we provide to the Titans are little more than prototypes, but damn it, it’s important that they work and prevent our pilots for getting blown up or at least explode with the damned Invaders!”

If you want to win the war, you don’t only need good soldiers but excellent weapons too. The technological Empire of the Earth Federation is a tentacular machine able to produce new armaments in a flash. It often happens that a Titan changes its equipment day after day, in order to adapt to the next battle. In War Titans, Invaders Must die, this aspect is shown in the Tech Cards: they give multiple types of technology that can fit into one of the five slots we find on the Titan Sheet: 2 times for the HANDS, 1 for the HEAD, CHEST and LEGS.

On every Tech Card you can find a text describing in what way it improves some of  the Titan’s Abilities and a possible cost in Charges to be spent for its activation.  When the Tech Card consists in a weapon, it is always equipped in any of the HAND slots or in  both of them,, and on it you will find specific Tags which influence the type of attack. Finally, we will find indicated the slot where each technology is to be placed and its cost in credits, which specifies how much each Player has to pay in order to equip it on his Titan.

Some technologies need a great deal of energy when they are being used, and run the real risk that if the resources are not used carefully they will not be available at the crucial moment. To underline this aspect, in the slots of the Titan Sheet there are three figures symbolizing batteries with one to three charges each. When you activate a Tech Card which has a charge cost, this must be moved towards the outside of the Titan Sheet by the same number of spaces that is indicated in the card text. In some phases of the Turn, the Tech Cards can be recharged and used again later.

Though the weapons of the Earth Federation can reach tremendous levels of efficiency, it is only when human wits are combined with alien technologies that the best results can be obtained. Since the very first invasions, scientists have studied our enemies and searched for ways to re-use their spoils. If the results reached with the bodies of the normal Invaders were excellent, when the scientists put their hands on the remains of the Tyrants they were able to create devastating weapons called Artifacts.A Titan gets its hands on one of these extraordinary arms only once he has defeated the Tyrant from which this Artifact is derived. Each of these gives unique Powers and Abilities, able to change the result of a game if used wisely. An Artifact has no specific slot it must go into diffrently from the Tech Cards. The Player who controls it places it beside the Titan Sheet, being ready to consult its powers and chose the right moment when to unleash them.

Don’t Forget, defeating a Tyrant is not only a great honor, it can also become the best way to turn the tides of battle into your favor!

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