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“Humans. I learned to know you, to respect you, to love you. Your blind determination conceals a certain grace, unknown in other parts of the universe. I know that you will not surrender to annihilation. I know that you will achieve what we, the Cyberis, could not. My task is to lead you to victory: I am sure this is what my people would have wanted, if they were still alive. You will never be alone in the night again, terrified by the idea that you could not witness the sunrise anymore.

Together we will win the Invaders.
Together we will survive.”

The war against the Invaders is not only Earth’s problem. If absolute evil succeeds in the conquest of the Seal, no one will be able to oppose them anymore, and the whole universe will fall into their hands. ALPHA LEAD, the robotic commander of a lost alien race, knows this well. For this reason it can not allow mankind to lose his battle. Today we present the exclusive Titan available only for Kickstarter backers : Alpha Lead!

The Universe was still young when the Cyberis population, extraordinary living machines, were inhabiting Mecha, their planet of origin. But war broke out; a corrupted faction of the Cyberis population rebelled against the established order, seeking to put an end to their own race. It was too late for an Intervention by the Shik’har’s. among the Cyberis population there was only one of them still alive; Alpha Lead, a colossal robot warrior who was the leader of the loyalist forces. Alone, thirsting for justice and redemption, Alpha Lead joined the Shik’hars, soon becoming one of their most respected leaders. Having been awakened after the Rifts opened, Alpha Lead is ready to conduct the Titans in order to save humanity from the tragic destiny of his people.

Alpha Lead is the only Titan which does not require a pilot to go into battle. It features extreme versatility, and can play different roles, filling eventual shortcomings in the teams of defenders of the Earth. Its Final Blow is extremely powerful and it can revive the fortunes of a particularly disastrous Episode. Moreover, if used wisely, it allows its allies to succeed in fights and battles that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

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