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– Oh yes! This is a Titan! This is the unbridled force I was looking for! Come to me, monsters! Come to me! Let me tear you apart! The sound of the sadistic laughter of Ram Jaa boomed in the Control Room. The General and the reserve pilots stood horrified by the ferocity of the Daeva fighting without restrain. A powerful Invader, once capable of destroying an entire city, was rapidly turning into a shapeless pulp before their eyes. The General himself could not help but feeling some pity for the grim death of the monster. From the cockpit of the Titan, again, came the pilot’s voice. – Thank you, General! This is real power! And with this power there is no battle I can not win!


It is true that, to defend Earth, robots are needed that can sustain massive amounts of damage, and thus save the human cities from destruction. At the same time, at least one Titan is required to maximize the chances of closing the Rifts into which Tyrants lurk, whatever the trial inflicted by the lords of evil: in other words, a Titan that can quickly upscale its warfighting capabilities, elusiveness and resilience. The Earth Federation has purposely developed a Titan to these specifications.

Secretly built by Professor G. Shagaksha in the heart of the Himalayan mountains, Daeva, the female shaped Titan,  is one of the most versatile instruments of humanity against the Kaiju threat. Its core is assembled with a Deva-Ray accumulator, an unlimited source of energy coming from outer space. According to its creator, these rays are the fundamental radiation at the basis of every evolution process and they can be manipulated through the will of the Titan pilot. Daeva is able to transform and to easily assimilate new equipment for the basic structure, it can upgrade its characteristics and strength depending on the pilot requirements. Only the one who is equipped with conviction, savagery and perseverance can drive this Titan.

Flexibility, adaptability, extreme technological assimilation capability. DAEVA is a complete and functional Titan. Its Final Blow is different from other robots’ in War Titans: it does not require a specific activation, and does not have a Refresh Cost. Actually it consists of two passive abilities that have a high impact during an Episode. The Daeva is in fact capable to take different shapes to maximize its own characteristics and adapt to the fight it is going to face. Moreover, given this extraordinary adaptability, it can choose from a greater number of technologies, when it becomes necessary for the defenders of Earth to upscale the military potential and cope with an upcoming battle. Daeva is truly a fundamental resource for the war against the Invaders.

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