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“Ah, the sky! I always wanted to get myself lost in it, I wanted to fly just as if I had wings. When I boarded my first airplane, that was a dream: I felt myself as if I was swimming in an infinite, weightless sea. What a revelation! I was in my very own environment and I did not want anyone to bring me down back to Earth. The Invaders, together with the places and people I loved, also destroyed this dream of mine. Then, I will do everything I can to destroy theirs.  I won’t stop until their dream is transformed in their nightmare.”

If collateral damage to human population is to be avoided, the capability of intercepting the  enemies during the different phases of their Invasion is of pivotal importance. Often, an unexpected Invader attacks an undefended city, eventually too far from the nearest Titan. For this reason, some Pilots are strongly convinced that mobility is a key characteristic for a Titan to be able to stop an Invasion: DEDALO CINO is one of these.

Dedalo Cino loves to fly. His passion for flight is so intense that brought him to become, before the invasion, the best fighter pilot of the Italian Air Force. Public celebrity, he ended up on the tabloid of the whole world for his relationship with a famous singer, in addition he improved his flight skills performing in aerobatic flights. Dedalo was one of the first pilots to test the Titans during the prototypical stage, since then he never left the cockpit. During a battle he covers an essential tactical position, he is in fact able to improve the dynamics of his Titan granting outstanding mobility.

Dedalo is an acrobatic pilot, a true ace. His peculiar ability grants him the possibility to move twice during the same phase – provided that he destroys at least one Invader during the assault. This ability makes him extremely versatile and allows him to quickly get between an unchallenged monster and the City it is about to destroy. If he is maneuvering a slow Titan, this ability allows his robot to perform the supporting movement phase after the fight, to get near to an enemy that otherwise would be out of reach in the next Episode.

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