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“Professor Jurgen Kramer, the chief engineer of the project, was assigned the introduction speech during the presentation of the Demon-Gott K in the Armored Technologisches Labor of Cologne. He walked through a crowd of scientists turned speechless with shock due to the colossal size of the combat robot. His speech was short and to the point, and no comments or questions were allowed. ‘This is Demon-Gott K. This weapon can kill the Invaders. This Titan is going to win the war for us’. Silence descended on the Hangar. No one questioned his words. The eyes of the Titan seemed to be scanning the horizon, as if looking for the first prey to hunt down.”

Demon-Gott K

The second Titan we want to show you is the mighty DEMON-GOTT K. Its structural technology makes it basically superior to the other common Titans. Nuclear reaction retrorockets have been assembled onto the back of its fists, allowing the Titan to shoot them straight at its enemies. This robot is a legend in the Earth Federation: one of the first, one of the deadliest. Its role during the fight is simple: destroy all the Invaders that are threatening the cities of Earth!

“Demon-Gott, the pride of Germany, was one of the first Titans ever created and the first to be ever used in battle. It is forged in K-Alloy, a fusion of alien metals, and this Titan is designed according to the typical german mentality: tough and well-balanced. It is fueled internally by an atomic furnace and covered by an extra layer of K-Alloy, while the rocket fists are the main weapon of Demon-Gott, making him the true legend of the battlefield. Though powered with a traditional technology, this Titan reaches an enviable level of power; it is no coincidence that any pilot aspires to drive the mighty Demon-Gott K at least once in his life!”

Demon-Gott K does not cross over its obstacles, it disintegrates them! New surprises are coming, Crawling Chaos Games will be seeing you next week and remember…  Invaders Must Die!

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