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“This is Dominador, you stupid monster! It was born from the creativity, self-sacrifice and the determination of its people. Its power comes directly from the Sun… from our star.” The Titan’s armor suddenly began to shine. All the energy it had accumulated during the fight had been channeled through the torso of the metal giant. Hell Juggernaut charged towards it, determined to smash it to pieces. The Solar Blast reached its maximum charge and the pilot fired it off. A blazing energy beam struck the Invader, burning it to ashes. The Pilot grinned and went on: “Nobody can beat the power of a Star!” 


In order to fight enemies which seemed invincible, Man has forged the Titans. They were built in its own image and were designed to make wars with fighting techniques similar to ours. Furthermore, the Invaders were so strong and cruel that the Titans had to be equipped with weapons of infinite power and devastation. But such tools turned out efficient, and DOMINADOR is the living proof of that!

“Created in the huge factory sites of Brasilia, this gigantic Titan is truly unique; the whole outer layer of its exoskeleton is covered by nanomachines able to absorb energy from every light source, especially sunlight. It is known as the Lightbringer because of its devastating attack: a powerful beam of solar energy able to light up an entire city. Dominador is the proud expression of the roots of the population who forged it; its face is equipped with servo systems able to mimic facial expressions, and its headgear reminds us of the ancient masks used by the Indios to banish evil spirits.”

Dominador has incredible resistance and self-sustain, at the same time its Final Blow is able to destroy most of the Invaders without much difficulty. No-one can stand in its way as long as it can recharge its final weapon. During the war Dominador plays an important role in absorbing damage and often sacrifices itself by shielding the defenseless cities from the Invader’s blows.

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