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Kane Mars grinned confidently “General, we’re going to thrash this bastard so soundly that it will be a warning to anything else coming after. They’ve got to learn damn fast what it means to threaten the United States of America. All modules: turn on the reactors!” The rumble of Jaguarion starting its engines sounded like a mighty roar. The huge robot took off the ground slowly, as Mars piloted it beyond the hangar door with precision. Once he was out, the Commander took a deep breath and whispered to himself: “God Bless America” The Jaguarion entered flight stance and dashed off in the sky, destination Los Angeles.

Marshal Jaguarion

MARSHAL JAGUARION is the Defender of the Earth. Its roar creates a warning to any Invader. Any monster that ever faces it knows that even a single, precise strike of its mighty Energy Blade can send it back into any dimensional hole it has come from. Jaguarion’s appearance reminds the Invaders that humankind will never be defeated without putting up a fight.

“When the Invaders swarmed over the Earth, all human beings were scattered in terror. When the Unites States Army created Marshal Jaguarion, the invaders got back a taste of their own medicine. Jaguarion is one of the largest and most powerful Titans formed by a union of five combat modules. This Titan is equipped with a cyclopic Energy Blade, the most advanced technological weapon ever possessed by humankind, with which it could slaughter thousands of enemies. Marshal Jaguarion was capable of killing more Invaders than any other Titan in the initial phases of the war, and this earned it the title of Defender of the Earth.”

Anyone bold enough to pilot the Jaguarion needs to be warned: this Titan has been designed only for brave, fearless pilots. Since it has one the greatest offensive powers held by Titans, Marshal Jaguarion is not intended for a defensive role. So, Beware! Rushing into the fray without having a solid strategy is a great risk. If Jaguarion looses its destructive weapon, its flanks are left open to counter-attack. New surprises are coming, Crawling Chaos Games will be seeing you next week and remember…  Invaders Must Die!

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