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– Your strategy, General, is a load of junk.
Silence fell on the Control Room. Nobody ever dared speak to General Ibrahm that way. Nobody, except O.N.E. He was a tactical genius, and even the highest military officer of the Federation would never dare contradict his words. However, the General replied defiantly:
– So “genius”, let’s hear… what’s  your plan?
O.N.E. stood up, moved to where all could  hear his words and said:
– If you want to win this war… if you want to save humanity…  you must do as I say. –

Some Pilots are distinguished by their courage, others for their combat and support skills. O.N.E. is different from the others because his objective is not simply the elimination of the Invaders, but a total victory in this war. There is no plan that he cannot calculate or predict; he cannot be taken by surprise in any circumstance. Even if a dangerous, unexpected Invader threatens an objective that O.N.E. considers of vital importance… the unknowing monster will discover that the tactical genius is quietly waiting by in order to kill it in the fastest, most efficient way.


An ambiguous soldier of the english army, O.N.E.’s code name is derived from his initials,  and always wears a mask on his face. He’s an extraordinary tactician and his global vision of the battlefield cannot be matched. Only the highest ranks of the army know his secret past, but it is said that he is the son of a Lord and that he was forced to become a pilot after being sentenced for having sabotaged the access of some London shelters as an act of rebellion against his father’s decisions.

O.N.E. is not a versatile Pilot but he’s incredibly useful. His special ability is really unique: he can choose which event will take place during the Episode when he is the Lead Character, thus giving the team the possibility to select the most convenient event (or usually the less disastrous one) in order to prepare for the next battle properly. In addition, if the team is not able to face all the enemies on the board, O.N.E. can order one of the monsters to die without any effort on his part. Please note: this ability can be used only once, and it cannot be repeated.

Did you enjoy this preview? Crawling Chaos Games will meet you next week and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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