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What do you mean with a boy found a Titan down a mine?”
Aehm… I don’t know how to be more specific, General. And that’s not all, he entered its cockpit and, believe it or not, is able to control it like a professional pilot, or even better!”
Are you joking?! A pilot needs months and  even years of training to fly a Titan efficiently!”
The Lieutenant remained silent, not knowing how to reply. The General had to give up to the evidence.
What is the boy’s name?”
Shomari, Sir.”

Even when a world is breaking into pieces miracles do take place. Shomari is the living proof that willpower, adaptability and the capacity to evolve when facing danger can sometimes be stronger than any training. When one’s own conviction is able to overcome any challenge or obstacle the sky itself is no limit.


“Shomari is a very young South African pilot, who came up from the dark diamond mines to the Titans’ cockpits, his story is cloaked in legend. One day, while he was digging he brought to light something that was later identified as a Titan’s body. He fearlessly jumped into the cockpit, activated the robot and drove it outside the mine guided by his instinct only. Shomari’s potential is unlimited, however he’s able to give his best only when he’s driving specific Titans.”

Put the right Titan in Shomari’s hands and he will lead you to victory. His incredible will-power allows him to use some Mecha’s potentials to the full, thus surpassing the Titan’s normal structural limits. His abilities are not effective with any sort of Titan. But beware, just as his talents can lead some vehicles to overperform, at the same time these abilities can be extremely limited when paired with a robot unable to make good use of them.

Did you enjoy this preview? This is only one of a long series of news that is awaiting us before the Kickstarter! Crawling Chaos Games will meet you next week and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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