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– Here Strelok, pilot cabin. The target is 130 kilometers away, Sir. He is flying toward Saint Petersburg. Contact with the population expected in 250 seconds.
– Your line of sight, soldier?
– Clear, sir. Particle rifle loaded and ready to shoot.
– Fire, soldier! Finish him!
A sonic boom could be heard over the vast plain. The giant monster, thinking it would soon be feasting on the human city, died mid air. One shot, one kill.


In the war against the Invaders not all Titans have the same duty. In fact, some robots have the fundamental role of containing the Invasion, absorbing collateral damage and supplying tactical support in situations where the more offensive mechas have no chance of success. STRELOK carries out these three roles accurately and swiftly. Strelok is a self-propelled armored fortress able to engage enemies from incredible distances!

“As merciless as the cold steppe wind, deadly as the bite of a Siberian wolf, Sterlok is the pride of the Russian industries of Novgorod. It was created to reach full efficiency during long range fights. Sterlok is equipped with a scope that extends its sight-range over hundreds of kilometers with an unbelievable precision rate. This, combined with its Minsk-particle weapons, makes it an outstanding sniper. Powered by 80 exclusive evo-diesel engines, the recent evolution from the noisy compression-ignition motor, Strelok is able to compete in every battlefield thanks to its impressive equipment.”

Strelok is a heavy armored robot that can easily absorb any superficial damage. Which means it can withstand a lot of hits before its structure gets exposed to danger. In addition, without having any extra equipment, Strelok can snipe an Invader without moving into the city the monster is attacking. Its mix of abilities allows this Titan to approach the fight in different ways, even to hold off many invaders at the same time. But beware, its weakest point consists in low mobility.

New surprises are coming, Crawling Chaos Games will be seeing you next week and remember: Invaders Must Die!

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