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“Good morning citizens!  A new dawn rises on Earth thanks to the fullmetal saviors, the  champions of humanity: The mighty Titans! Only yesterday, a tremendous assault by the Invaders has been repelled by the intervention of the powerful Heaven Breaker. By kind permission of the Earth Federation, today’s service allows us to examine this beautiful masterpiece of human engineering: so join us and discover all the Heaven Breaker’s secrets !”

Heaven Breaker

So here we are. Crawling Chaos Games welcomes you to the first weekly in-depth analysis of “War Titans: Invaders Must Die!”. Starting from today, every Week, we will discover one of the mighty Titans, the steel giants fighting to prevent human extiction. Today we are showing you the HEAVEN BREAKER!

“The small main Heaven Breaker module was casually found  by a young South African miner during an excavation before the Invaders attacked  the Earth. No scientist has ever been able to understand its origin, as well as some of its technical features;  in fact, this Titan is composed by an evolving densemorphic alloy, enabling it to change its size, self-improve its arsenal and increasing the strength of its armor making it impenetrable. Though it needs to reveal its military capabilities in battles and time, the pure potential of this Titan makes it one of the most efficient weapons of mankind.”

The Heaven Breaker is always ready to face any kind of obstacle in order to achieve the triumph of Mankind. But we have more surprises lined up for you! Crawling Chaos Games will see you again next week and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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