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In the last few decades, we have generally  been accustomed by anime and fiction to see our planet invaded by every sort of monstrosity: aliens from remote space, giant reptilian-like creatures, overgrown gorillas, mechanical monsters created by mad scientists, old gods themselves! And the list could go on and on… Obviously, none of us was truly overcowered with fear, because as soon as a threat loomed over the horizon humanity deployed its best weapons and resources to fight the apparently unstoppable enemy. Anthropomorphic Mechas, giant combat robots usually piloted by men and women, often as brave as  reckless,  stood up as the last bastions of safety to our cities and homes.

At Crawling Chaos Games we asked ourselves: what  would happen if all the Invaders that we have learned to know about were somehow to unite against us? And what would happen if not one but an entire squad of unique combat mechs were to be called in to defeat this devastating horde? Would humankind ever survive this imminent threat?

We’ve set the battlefield and the rules of the game: now it’s up to the players to answer to all these questions.

War Titans is a cooperative game in which Players acts as Pilots of powerful Titans, giant combat robots created with the sole purpose of saving humankind from extinction. The game structure is created around anime sagas, mangas and many others which inspired our game designers. Each Game Turn is an Episode and in each Episode our cities are swarmed by horrible monsters, thrown at us by evil Tyrants by using the dimensional rifts opened up in various locations on Earth. It is each Titan’s duty is to kill all Invaders and defeat the Tyrants who rule them all to free Earth and save humankind.

Each Pilot, Titan, and Invader is one of a kind: each of them has unique abilities and characteristics, granting great variety to the gameplay, so that each game will be completely different to the previous ones.




Each Titan is unique. Not all Titans perform as well in every situation, for example it’s very unlikely that a bulky and heavily armored Titan can fight an evasive and agile foe. On the other hand, a fast Mech specialized in combat manoeuvres will find it very hard to face a Tyrant hidden in a Rift behind some corrosive acid rain capable of melting the strongest armor.Some Titans are best suited to defend our cities, others are of the glass cannon type with a huge offensive capacity but lacking in defense. Some Titans give tactical support and others are huge metal war-fortresses designed to withstand any kind of attack.

Each Titan has a specific role in the coming battle. The choice of the team composition is exclusively up to the players and victory or defeat depends a lot on it. Being able to identify a Titan’s role in the battlefield is essential, just as it is essential to choose wisely which Pilot is to fly the robot and impersonate the Player himself during the game.

Alpha Lead

Even if the Titans are different, they share structural characteristics: in fact, each of them has a Hit Point value indicating the number of damage a robot can withstand before it is destroyed. The toughest of them have an Armor value, that reduces the amount of damage taken.  A Titan’s fighting power is shown by its Combat Ability, while its mobility and regenerating and fixing capacity is shown, in order, by its Movement Ability and Repair Ability.

Each Titan possess different values in its abilities: therefore, it is possible that a robot with high offensive potential has a fragile structure or that a heavy armored one is static and slow.

What really defines a Titan is its signature move: the Final Blow. In fact, Everybody knows that each Mecha has an ace up its sleeve, a secret move that is to be used only in case of extreme danger and on the most terrifying and mighty enemies. Sometimes this move is nothing but a powerful atomic energy ray, at other times it’s the ability to change the Titan itself in a most powerful or suitable form.

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