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Let us honor our dead, celebrate our heroes and contemplate our Fatherland and also the whole Earth that, like a loving mother, is praying that her son may live in peace and quiet. This beloved son of hers is now summoned into battle, so that the much needed peace and quiet can flourish and bloom in our garden. For never as today has her son been given a face, a name and such a terrible burden to carry, and it’s our duty to help him on his path. In silence and contemplation our mind flies to you, Yoroi Kato, the Hero of Japan, our defender who is even now fighting for us.

Guided by ideals of Honor, Duty and Loyalty, YOROI KATO is the best example of the typical stoicism of his people: though he has witnessed incredible horrors, his reaction has been to sharpen his soul like a Katana and to increase his battling spirit, though never losing his exceptional will to survive.

Yoroi Kato

Son of the Professor Hiro Kato, one of the most renowned scientists of the Earth Federation, Yoroi was one of the first pilots of the colossal Titans. Born and raised in the hinterland of Kyoto, Yoroi is the emblem of Japanese stoicism: after shedding a single tear for the war losses, he’s devoted body and soul to becoming a skilled Pilot. He is as severe with himself as against his enemies, being stubborn beyond imagination and incapable of running away, Yoroi is the Champion of his people.

Yoroi’s exceptional versatility makes him particularly suited to pilot any kind of Titan, thanks to his innate capacity to boost the best Ability he needs in that particular point of war. The fanaticism he shows in battle is at the same time his best weapon and his weakest point.

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