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“When I was fighting with the Foreign Legion, I always held to the principles on which I swore my oath of allegiance. One in particular constantly echoed in my mind: ‘Each legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race, his religion. You must always show him the close solidarity that binds the members of a family. Now that the we are at war with the Invaders, I have not forgotten my roots. I have not forgotten the Code. We Pilots are family. We are brothers. No matter if death will rip the people we love from our lives and tear our heart to pieces. We will continue to fight.”

Some Pilots are just born to fight, and grow trained on battlefields around the world. YVETTE has  greatly honed her abilities well before entering the cockpit of a mighty Titan. Now that she joined the fight, her past as a sniper makes her one of the most dangerous weapons available to humankind.

Yvette was one of the first women to be enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. Immediately she stood out for her commitment to the code of honor of the Legion and her natural talent as a sniper. In the early stages of the Invasion she fought with the regular Army and became noted when she hit the eye of an Invader with a standard ordnance rifle. When the Federation became aware of her innate abilities, they decided to test her as a Titan pilot: the choice was right. Today Yvette is an Invader’s scourge: as much as she is amiable and kind to her brothers in arms, so she is merciless with the monsters that threaten Earth.

Yvette can boast two skills that are complementary and reciprocally functional. She actually expresses her full potential if her Titan is equipped with a rifle or any other firearm. Moreover, while the purchase of technologies is related in part to their availability, Yvette can instead choose to directly buy them from the discard pile, making it extremely easy to access her favorite weapons. Then, one thing with her rifle, Yvette becomes a proper war machine, and, thanks to her precision and speed of execution, very close to infallibility.

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