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“I don’t have much choice: to be faster than them, or not to be. Or… ” – ” Or what?” – ” Kill them all, from the first to the last: that’s the best method to open my way!”

Pilots symbolize mankind’s spirit of survival, they are both loved and feared by the  very people they protect, and considered the best elite squad of the Earth Federation! As we promised, here is the second weekly in depth-analysis on War Titans: Invaders Must Die! Starting from today, every Week, we will reveal one of the Pilots ready to fight the enemies of humanity. Are you ready to meet RAM JAA, THE VIOLENT FIST?

Ram Jaa

“Ram Jaa; the living proof that strength, if applied with enough determination, can break even the strongest enemy. Aggressive and short-tempered, he is one of the most controversial pilots that the Earth Federation can deploy. Born in an extremely poor region of Thailand, Ram grows following a basic principle; the Survival of the fittest. Soldier of exceptional skills, he is able to fit in naturally with every Titan, transforming it into a reckless, lethal and furious death machine.”

Did you enjoy this preview? This is only the first of a long series of news that is awaiting us before the Kickstarter! Crawling Chaos Games will meet you next week and remember… Invaders Must Die!

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