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Hello everybody!
It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been busy working on our Kickstarter relaunch, as the project continues to grow with new content. As promised we’re focusing on the whole presentation of the project and restyling the graphics of the game components.

We want to introduce you the new design of our Titans. We start with four of them: STRELOK, DAEVA, ALPHA LEAD and SERAPHIM!



WIP Miniatures Strelok[Miniature WIP]

As merciless as the cold steppe wind, deadly as the bite of a Siberian wolf, Sterlok is the pride of the Russian industries of Novgorod. It was created to reach full efficiency during long range fights. Sterlok is equipped with a scope that extends its sight-range over hundreds of kilometers with an unbelievable precision rate. This, combined with its Minsk-particle weapons, makes it an outstanding sniper. Powered by 80 exclusive evo-diesel engines, the recent evolution from the noisy compression-ignition motor, Strelok is able to compete in every battlefield thanks to its impressive equipment.




WIP Miniature Daeva[Miniature WIP]

Secretly built by Professor G. Shagaksha in the heart of the Himalayan mountains, Daeva, the female shaped Titan,  is one of the most versatile instruments of humanity against the Kaiju threat. Its core is assembled with a Deva-Ray accumulator, an unlimited source of energy coming from outer space. According to its creator, these rays are the fundamental radiation at the basis of every evolution process and they can be manipulated through the will of the Titan pilot. Daeva is able to transform and to easily assimilate new equipment for the basic structure, it can upgrade its characteristics and strength depending on the pilot requirements. Only the one who is equipped with conviction, savagery and perseverance can drive this Titan.


Alpha Lead
Alpha Lead Miniature[Miniature WIP]

The Universe was still young when the Cyberis population, extraordinary living machines, were inhabiting Mecha, their planet of origin. But war broke out; a corrupted faction of the Cyberis population rebelled against the established order, seeking to put an end to their own race. It was too late for an Intervention by the Shik’har’s. among the Cyberis population there was only one of them still alive; Alpha Lead, a colossal robot warrior who was the leader of the loyalist forces. Alone, thirsting for justice and redemption, Alpha Lead joined the Shik’hars, soon becoming one of their most respected leaders. Having been awakened after the Rifts opened, Alpha Lead is ready to conduct the Titans in order to save humanity from the tragic destiny of his people.



WIP Seraphim Miniature[Miniature WIP]

Bushido says “most battles are won before the first sword is drawn. Defeat your enemy’s mind, and so shall you defeat his sword”. According to this belief, Japanese engineers created Seraphim, the Bio-mechanical Titan. From the very first invasion on, humanity has studied its enemy and tried to discover its every secret. Seraphim is the greatest result of such efforts  A body made of Kaiju biomass formed with the nanometal of a power armor able to react through the neural stimulation of its pilot. This process is able to interweave with memory reminiscences from the Kaiju flesh, animating Seraphim with an invincible devastating fury.

We’re working hard on fulfilling all the requests gathered during the previous campaign: feel free to leave a comment, it will help us make a better game! More updates coming soon, stay tuned.

Spread the word and remember: Invaders Must Die!

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