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I clearly remember two years ago on New Year’s Day: I was inside a crowd of  drunk people who were celebrating. it was around 5 a.m., when we were informed by a shocked journalist that the U.S. East Coast was being ravaged by some kind of monster. “Nonsense”, we thought, and kept celebrating. We were so wrong…

WT Composite

War Titans is the first Crawling Chaos Games project: a cooperative game in which players face hordes of Invaders (do you remember the gigantic monsters that often infest nightmares, Movies and the Japanese TV series?). Each player is given the role of a Pilot with unique characteristics, who has been assigned  to one of the mighty Titans, huge combat robots able to face the menace of gigantic monsters and save humankind from extinction!

Sounds interesting? Keep following us, War Titans is now in its re-launching phase and will be landing on Kickstarter soon!

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