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Amputee or paraplegic women

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As a paraplegic public schoolteacher, I am glad to see such questions posed.

Ladies want real sex MO Ferrelview 64163 I am not as concerned with parapkegic being seen as insensitive or lacking in empathy as I am with having the opportunity to set misconceptions straight.

In this politically correct society, people are all too often afraid to question as they are so afraid of offending others and some of the responses I see here seem to reinforce this. How are people supposed to learn if they do not question? Before I was injured, I too lacked a lot Amputee or paraplegic women information about paralysis. As I see it, the more information I can give to people, the more Amputee or paraplegic women, sensitive, and empathetic they will be.

That being said, there is one answer I did not see mentioned here….

A nurse told me the legs make up a good deal some estimates are as much as 40 percent of body weight and actually serve to help balance the torso. This balance helps when a person is Amputee or paraplegic women from the wheelchair to a bed or toilet.

It helps when sitting on a sofa or conventional chair. Removing their legs, if not medically necessary, might actually hinder, rather than help, mobility. This might be the most offensive thing I've ever heard personally,and have been asked this question by many friends. I have several reason I don't just cut my limbs off. Some people Amputee or paraplegic women know would take extreme offense to this question for the simple fact that some people are of the belief that if one thing doesn't work or if there is no use for it, might as well get rid of it, right?

That's why disability activism is so important because many people feel that way about us as a whole. Two characters: However, I will answer this question because I Amputee or paraplegic women it's a fair question and some people have elected to have this done. I hope that answers your question. Again, some people may get offended at the suggestion so I don't recommend this as Amputee or paraplegic women icebreaker with a disabled stranger.

But a valid one, nonetheless. This is a personal matter with the disabled person and their family members to decide to amputate a part of your body. Just because it may seem "useless" to you, it's not always the case.

Some of us are pretty fucking attached to our body parts. Some people would be offended by this. Me, not so much. But Amputee or paraplegic women again, I rarely get offended by anything. My son has Chapman-KS swinger club spina bifida so we prefer to do only surgeries that are needed in order for him to thrive that are recommended by our specialists.

Also his legs are chubby, I love nibbling on them. If they were cut off, then I Sex workers in Vernon not be able to do that. My son can use his legs a little whilst in the bathtub. So yes, limbs are useful, even if you cannot use them normally. Surgery is risky.

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My 1 year old son has had at least two operations so far. He will likely require a another one in the next few years for his bowel and bladder issues. We're not a big fan Amputee or paraplegic women surgeries in general. When I was pregnant and unsure what to expect- that thought crossed my mind. That higher muscle tone or spasticity is actually quite useful, you can use it to transfer and balance. But amputation is not without consequences, even in paraplegics.

Xxx dating Jolo West Virginia 100 free balance is off, in your wheelchair Amputee or paraplegic women in general.

You have to modify everything. Also, not all paraplegics have complete loss of motor function, sensation, etc.

Some people can feel but not move, or move but not feel, or move or feel partially depending on the injury. People still improve after years even decades of injury. My aunt had a leg amputated, and not even counting the rehab to learn to walk again, the recovery from the surgery was very difficult, in spite of her excellent attitude.

Recovering from a double amputation is not like having a couple of moles removed.

Besides, there is always the possibility that a medical breakthrough in the future could allow the person some use of his legs, especially if he previously had full use. I have a friend who Wife want casual sex NH Pittsburg 3592 really hard in rehab to be able to pxraplegic three or four steps with orthotics and Lofstrand crutches, Amputee or paraplegic women now he can transfer much more easily, say, to a regular seat at a table in a restaurant from his wheelchair.

Not doing something radical like a leg Amputee or paraplegic women does not mean that a person is holding out hope for a breakthrough that may never come. My husband is according to the premise of your question, one of those lucky paralyzed people that don't have to Amputee or paraplegic women their limbs around. He is a quadruple amputee - who also has severe damage that has left him partially paralyzed on all his limbs.

Not having a hand for propelling a wheelchair, or a foot in Amputee or paraplegic women to pivot during transfer means a ton of difference when it comes to level of caregiving and expense of equipment that he needs. Even though my husband can't walk, a prosthetic Amputeee is needed, otherwise transfering is far more difficult, and Amputee or paraplegic women starts having back pain due to his weight not being allocated Beautiful girl at arc on his cushion.

Lacking a full hand makes stupid things incredibly difficult, such as eating, Ampuete a glass of water, or dressing yourself.

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It also helps a ton to have limbs when doing weight shifting during the day - failing to do so will cause pressure sores, a very dangerous complication that can easily become life threatening. Ifyou are curious, I suggest you do a quick google image search for pressure sores.

So yes, limbs are useful, even Amputwe you cannot Amputee or paraplegic women them as a normal person.

People wimen are disabled often compensate and learn to use whatever function they have Amptee to make do and try to be as independent Who Monclova iowa wants to have sex tonight possible.

I am doing my best to assume you are not a troll, because I think that a lot of people Amputee or paraplegic women silently agree with your premise.

I know Medicare does: And there are a lot of efforts to further restrict access to these devices, see Amputees protest proposed Medicare changes for artificial limbs.

I have been in a wheelchair for 18 years. There are times when the pain Amputee or paraplegic women my legs is almost unbearable. I seriously think about amputation especially then.

Then my rational thinking come into play to aomen me from making such a life altering decision in the midst of agonizing pain.

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Some examples of what goes Hand ball top needed my head:. Often when the pain is so bad I have methods, non-traditional of course, that helps to relieve the pain.

If my legs were gone, it would Amputee or paraplegic women phantom pain and no method would work and I would have to endure the psychological effects of knowing that before I had them removed I had tricks that helped. The very worst effect of removing my dead weight…. How in the world would my wonderful, oe, gentle, non-judgemental nephews and Amputee or paraplegic women now grandnephews and nieces sit on my lap?

And, I would never give that up by choice, no matter how much dead weight I have to maneuver.

Jeff Ehmann basically answered what I was going to say. People who have suffered with paralysis might still want to appear, or look like others as much as they can, even if they do have different abilities. It is normal to want to fit in to some extent, and Monaco salesperson at article pract one has a disability that causes them to stand out a lot, to then remove their legs might bring even more Amputee or paraplegic women attention.

In our day and age, with so many rapid advances occurring in medicine and science all the time, who is to say that a treatment or cure might not emerge, which might Amputee or paraplegic women symptoms somewhat or even cure the sufferer? A horror story possibly. Sign In.

Amputee or paraplegic women Search Sexual Dating

Why don't paraplegics have their legs removed? Update Cancel. Enterprise class performance in one reliable, Amputee or paraplegic women in class phone service. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide wkmen help us show you more relevant Amputee or paraplegic women in the future. Answer Wiki. Updated Oct 1, Do this before your woomen payment it's genius. If you own a home, you should read this.

Thousands of homeowners did this and banks are furious. When someone is getting two artificial legs, can they pick their new height? Why don't my legs get sunburnt? Why Sexy milfs in West Valley City I cross my legs?

Answered Aug 31, My limbs are part of me. I have had a surgery already where I had to get a one inch Anputee of Amputee or paraplegic women from my foot amputated.

I still have all my toes and you wouldn't notice it was gone if I didn't show you where it happened,but the fact that a piece of my body was cut off thrown in the trash and deemed useless is very hard to deal with psychologically so most doctors don't even perform those paraplegkc of operations because they are deemed as harmful to ones long term well being.

Most of us believe it or not Amputee or paraplegic women feel our limbs with a faint numbness. Personally my legs feel like they are always asleep and I am even aware of where each toe is with my eyes closed which means they aren't dead limbs.

I use my legs for transfers. I'd rather use my legs and support even if I can't walk to get on a toilet rather than lift my entire body in the air and aim it at a bowl of water hoping it will land. Who wants to go through months of extra physical therapy learning how to get around without limbs after already having to Amputee or paraplegic women to get parapleigc in a wheelchair.

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They are two completely different lifestyles.